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I have been attracted to sound and electricity from the first time I stuck my 2-year-old finger in a light socket with my fathers records playing in the background. Following a sound path for many years, I both learned and intuited how to shape it from and into feelings. I was always passionate about finding subtle ways to tap into the already present feeling of a room only to gradually transform the vibe into my own device. To take it further, I've always had a knack for feeling/understanding the push and pull of the magnetic presence of electricity. Whether it be the plants or rocks, humans or animals, or even light bulbs and radio waves, for me there has always been a very palpable connection and understanding of how these things work. Using tuning forks, combined with my heightened intuition/vibrational sensitivity, I will lovingly take you on a journey of feeling and allowing that will unhinge stories and traumas that you may have given up on long ago.

Aaron Clark

Electromagnetic Frequency Educator, Quantum Healing Expert, Conscious Relationship/Communication Guide, Experienced Listener, Deep Trauma Release



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