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I have been working with people for the past 20 years who want to feel fantastic and enjoy their life and relationships to the fullest. My goal is to help you create greater freedom in your life. Sound healing, and in particular Biofield Tuning, reminds your body what it is like to be in perfect harmony. The dissonance in your field accumulated by the stresses and traumas of life fall away with the tones of the tuning forks and are replaced by the pure tones of a healthy mind and body.

Join me in creating a magnificent symphony and a light-filled life.

Healing one being has a ripple effect. I know that each person I touch touches the next person, so that we are all holding on to a golden cord and web of healing.

In-person or distance sessions are available.

Aliza Musleah

Sound Healer, Craniosacral Therapist, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Light Language Channel, Massage Therapist, Integrated Energy Therapy Master, Melchizedek Method


New Jersey

United States

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845 729 5429

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