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Anchored in a role of service to individuals and groups, Andrew holds
space to identify and shift emotional and ancestral patterns into

Following years of self-study investigating consciousness, sacred
geometry, and activating his Merkaba or lightbody in 2012, many pieces
of information came together with his practice. After receiving
guidance from his higher self regarding working with sound as a
healing modality in 2013, he knew that Biofield Tuning was a profound
modality that would be an essential part of his toolbox in working
with clients.

Andrew is an advanced level Biofield Tuning practitioner, completing
training in tuning projects, spaces, specialized techniques, and
offering group tunings in multiple communities. His experience with
diverse populations empowers individuals to uncover the treasure of
their true nature, allowing the world to support them on the most
profound levels. Known as the ‘Tuner of Tuners’, fellow healing
practitioners seem to gravitate to his services, although he also
works with individuals from wide backgrounds. He supports outreach and
education of Biofield Tuning at holistic health expos throughout the

Andrew McIlrath

Associates of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (Botanicals), Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner

Palm Springs


United States

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