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Touched with Sound is my teaching and complementary therapy practice where I support my clients on a shared, holistic journey to dynamic good health in mind, body and spirit. I’ve been working holistically with people full time for 30 years.
I specialise in using sound therapeutically, in particular with tuning forks, healing gongs, singing bowls, the voice and other instruments.

Sound Healing and Biofield Tuning have become my main modalities as they offer such profound results in facilitating and integrating change.
I particularly enjoy using the Biofield Tuning method as each session is a shared, beautiful journey opening the space for flow and activating our greater potential for wholeness. Afterwards people often report feeling profoundly relaxed,energised & more focused.

All my sound therapy work is available in person and by long distance (remote) sessions.

If you’d like more information or to book a session, please get in touch by email or my website.
Looking forward to it!

Angela Mason

Gong Practitioner & Tutor, Member of the College of Sound Healing,Reiki Master,Massage Therapist, Massage Training Institute, Member of the Complementary Medical Association


East Sussex

United Kingdom

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