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For 25 years I’ve coached leaders, teams, and individuals to live into their highest potential in service to themselves, their families, communities, and work. I’m always searching for tools and ways to help people shift their mindset away from limiting self-beliefs towards what might be possible if they could get out of their own way. In 2018, I was blown away when I discovered Biofield Tuning and experienced a profound healing and immediately sought to share this therapeutic sound method with others. Using a simple tuning fork, the sound finds and resolve distortions (trapped stuck energy often caused by trauma) in the bio-energetic field that surrounds our physical being thus enabling our bodies to tap into its own divine wisdom and heal itself. This work often connects to the root cause of issues and may heal old wounds and dispel limiting beliefs that keep people stuck. I look forward to helping your energy system align and unify so your body and soul can THRIVE!

Ann Farrell

BA Human Health & Behavior, MA Applied Behavioral Science, Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner



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