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Over a lifetime spent in NYC Financial Services, I had studied and utilized several holistic modalities effective for anxiety and stress related emotional and physical problems. Upon retirement, I decided to investigate the theory behind their effectiveness by revisiting my Math/Physics roots and reviewing wave theories. In early 2016 I stumbled upon Eileen McKusick’s site on Biofield Tuning that employs sound waves to remediate distortions present within the biomagnetic field surrounding the body. This field was referenced by Pythagoras as Aether and by many modern physicists as Plasma. Although the effects of Biofield Tuning in itself is profoundly potent, I have found that combining this process with my empathic abilities and background in Bach Flower Essences, Qigong and Kabbalah has yielded remarkable and surprising results for clients with emotional disorders such as - chronic anxiety, panic, worry, depression, frustration, anger, childhood PTSD and low self-esteem.

Anna Baldino

Bach Flower Essences, Black Hat Tibetan Feng Shui, Marconics One Touch

New York

New York

United States

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