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As a recently retired Supervisory Auditor for the Federal Gov't, I was looking for a path to "give back" to society in my retirement. I studied Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II and become certified. During a monthly Reiki share meeting, a guest speaker introduced me to Biofield Tuning. I was hooked and found my "give back" path. I became certified in 2018 and am so excited to help you discover how Biofield Tuning can bring you back into BALANCE and let you SHINE Again. I will help you release your emotional triggers that hold you back from SHINING your Beautiful LIGHT to the World. I am excited to help you discover how to let go of those emotional burdens and traumas that you have filed away consciously or unconsciously as a survival mechanism. Now is the time to release them and start the healing process to a LIGHTER YOU! I with use my Biofield Tuning forks, crystals, and oracle cards to perform biofield tunings, sonic meridian flushes and biofield tuning first aid.

Annette Lesonsky

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II, Akashic Record Reader


New Hampshire

United States

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