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For over 20 years I have trained athletes and beginners alike as a USA Roller Sports figure coach, spawning Regional and National champions. Prior to that I became a bronze medalist at the 2002 World Championships in Germany in the "Show" event. 

After suffering a severe whiplash injury in 2015 due to a MVA, I struggled to keep coaching and performing in the entertainment industry. Allopathic medicine wasn't helping. After numerous scans, injections, multiple forms of physical therapy, and even a nerve ablation, I turned to alternative medicine. I became Reiki certified so I could work on myself. I developed a home practice, I changed my thought patterns, and then, I started to heal. I became fascinated with the biofield, physics and biohacking and basically at 37, went back to school. ​

As Ayurveda teaches, in order to support others in their healing, you must authentically engage in our own. Understanding the incredible intelligence system of the body is my new life goal.


Usui Reiki II, Biopulsar Biofeedback Analyst, USA Roller Sports Figure Coach

Los Angeles


United States

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