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Allow me to assist your body in its unlimited healing potential.

I began my career as an elementary school teacher, where I enjoyed teaching students about sound and electricity. Our body is electric, and I believe we can heal through sound.

I started my business, Souls to Heal, to help fellow colleagues align and bring balance to their overly charged energetic systems. Within my work; I integrate Reiki, Polarity, Reflexology and Sound therapies into my sessions.

As my practice evolved, I felt drawn to the aura of the body. My research led me to Eileen McKusick’s discovery of the electric body and benefits of sound. I became a Biofield Tuning Practitioner, working off body where trapped emotions, traumas and stressors reside. Once released, clients have been able to move forward in life, feeling lighter and at peace.

Remotely or in person, I engage your body’s natural abilities to bring balance, release stressors and alleviate conditions which encourages healing.

Bethany Pittman

Masters of Education, Associate Polarity Practitioner, Elemental Reflexology, Usui/Holy Fire III Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master.



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