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I have been in the healing arts since 2002 when I began my massage practice. Eventually, as a natural intuitive and healer, I wanted to have an even bigger impact on my clients' overall well-being, getting to the cause of their pain, not just alleviate their symptoms.

I became passionate about helping people release emotional and mental blockages to what keeps them from living in their highest joy. This passion has let me to do my own research on a plethora of various modalities pulled from many different traditions and practices that can be done both in and out of the therapist's office.

My RMT and CCH and most recently my BT Practitioner Certifications can be utilized in the session room and each can be combined with each other and with massage to create an overall sense of clarity, peace and well-being. Post-session suggestions can include breathwork, meditation, exercises, mantras and helpful videos & readings. This healing work makes my soul sing. Let's find your song!

Candy Thayer

Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Massage Therapist, Wellness Advocate

San Jose


United States

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