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Healing, finding your voice, creativity, taking back personal power and responsibility? I work interactively to uncover, and shift frequencies that impair your progress. As you relax into a session, I gently guide you to notice and become aware of the rise, fall, and movement of energy as sound pours over you. Sometimes, traditional shamanic divination may be helpful unwinding patterns, past life, or ancestral wounds injecting themselves into this current lifetime.

I began adding Biofield Tuning to my sound work in 2017, and quickly noticed some clients’ imbalances related to ancestral issues that appear in the biofield through the tuning forks. With my background as an Ancestral Diviner, I am able to identify and work through these issues with clients in unique ways. I have also begun to develop tuning fork and related frequency-shifting protocols (using BT forks with other sound tools, Reiki and related hands-on work) to go deeply into the field to reach specific challenges.

Carol Crestetto

Doctoral Degree Human Consciousness, Interactive Guided Imagery, Professional Sound Healing, Initiated Ancestral Diviner, Reiki, Acupressure/ Shiatsu

Northern Marin Co.


United States

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I am currently working only at distance. All services are available in this mode. Please email to inquire, if interested.

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