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Have you been feeling unwell, foggy headed, or suffered loss? A widow myself, I know what if feels like to be a caregiver and suffer loss. Life events can leave such a deep scar you feel unable to move forward. I am personally familiar with the incredible ability energy work has to remove blocks and heal trauma.

In addition to my certifications I have training in Reflexo-chi, Color and Sound therapy and Chi-Gung which I incorporate into sessions to help clients release stress, trauma and beliefs that no longer serve them. Clients receive a combination of energetic work to clear their field dissonance and active listening and coaching to see old patterns and create new paths toward healing and clarity.

My passion is helping clients remove energetic blocks so they are free to move forward with increased passion, energy and clarity. Call or text today to begin your healing.
I see clients in the north Grand Rapids area and offer distance, pet or group sessions.

Cathy Achino

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, B.A. in Music, M.A. in Education



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