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I have been practicing holistic health modalities professionally since 2006 & discovered for myself the beautifully effective healing work of Biofield Tuning in 2018. I am passionate about Mind-Body-Soul healing & the incredible power of Energy medicine; both from my own healing experiences, as well as, from holding space and facilitating transformation towards greater health & wellness for others. Life & healing is a journey, but I have found that Biofield Tuning can facilitate such massive & uplifting shifts in often shorter amounts of time & in more profound ways than most people have come to expect. Biofield Tuning is a truly cutting edge therapy & an exciting new frontier in Sound & Vibrational medicine! I would love to work with you & see what we can uncover-- & Shift-- within your own unique Soul story... Come see what positive results the tuning forks can achieve for you!

Ceciley Slocum

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki & Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner. CranioSacral Level 1


Rhode Island

United States

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