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After 16 years in law enforcement, I transitioned to IT work, before recently retiring from the corporate world. My interest in the solar system and the universe was realized at a young age and I still enjoy studying the cosmos, with a interest in metaphysics, epistemology and ethics. These interests led me to the study of the ‘plasma universe’, which in turn challenged me to the consider the electric nature of the human body. The healing aspect of Biofield Tuning came about on a personal level because of the difficulties I encountered when finding appropriate care for myself within the traditional medical model, particularly with the treatment of heavy metal toxicity. After exploring alternative modalities, I discovered vibrational energy which became a complement to other treatments I was receiving. My continued research led me to the possibilities within Biofield Tuning, which I am excited to share with others. I am particularly intrigued with the potential of energy field balancing and the treatment of veterans, first responders, and others who have experienced trauma and post-traumatic stress.

Charlie Harner

BA Criminal Justice, Michigan State University, Georgia Peace Officer, Microsoft Systems engineer



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