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I utilize Biofield Tuning Forks only, including the patented Sonic Slider to find the “noise” in your signal, along with medical intuition. I can incorporate acupuncture / Tuina spinal massage which are based on meridian therapies, tailored to your needs. I specialize in helping Highly Sensitive People. I have the tenacity to help with simple or complex physical / mental-emotional manifestations of long-standing imbalances. I am best suited to individuals having a sincere intention not to just eliminate symptoms, but really get to the root of an incoherent signal causing discord, discomfort, disease. I empower people to detox and recharge using natural self-care: nutrition, essential oils, Global Bowspring postural alignment, along with concepts to re-wire the mind. These natural technologies illicit the body's own healing intelligence, yielding the most permanent healing possible for individuals or couples, local or distal, serving Denver, Boulder, Arvada. (Biofield tuning up to Level 4, including Sonic Face-Lifting).

Christina Wilson

2018 - present, Menla Mentorship, cultivation of intuitive healing, 2004 Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture / Herbs / Tuina Spinal Massage, Denver, 2002 - present, Buddhist Philosophy / Psychology, Meditation Teacher / Practitioner, Denver, 1999 Clinical Herbalism / Nutrition, Boulder



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