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I have always felt the energy of others around me, or just seemed to known things without truly knowing why. This way of being led me down a path to truly embrace and connect with my intuition. Connecting with individuals or animals energy has allowed me to support their individual needs, and goals. The services I provide are for my clients greatest good, as we focus on releasing unneeded energies from their lives. I do this through 3 different energy healing modalities. 1) Through personalized monthly readings, each client is able to be aware of, and change the frequency they choose to emote. 2) Reiki helps release energy from the cellular body, to help support forward movement, and help with pain, and stress relief. 3) Biofield tuning not only clears unneeded energies from your energy field, but also reminds the body of the optimal frequency to be emoting for your greatest success. When you combine all 3 healing modalities, you gain success in all aspects of life.

Christine French

Intuitive Life Coach, Intuitive Card Reader, Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Practitioner,

East Granby


United States

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