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Welcome to a sound therapy method providing a wide range yet targeted means for nervous system relaxation and recalibration. Denise began her journey into sound healing after a profound experience while attending a sound healing event. Since that time, Denise has been a student of the electromagnetic nature of our mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Thus setting the stage for overall physical wellbeing. Engaging in Biofield Sound Balancing, promotes an optimal choice when engaging in the ritual of self care; providing the ability to thrive and discover your divine nature by coming into a welcoming, healing space. Easing into a place of relaxation, you will encounter varying frequencies, tones, and subtle vibrations of Tuning Forks, Chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowls and other sacred instruments. In this ceremonial setting, you will have the potential to release tensions and blockages while floating in a tranquil field of sound emersion. Your bliss is calling you!

Denise Paradise

Certified Sound Healer, Certified Minister, Certified Spiritual Counselor

Borrego Springs


United States

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