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I am a transformative energy life coach and energy healer who uses multiple modalities to assist clients with their healing process and in discovering their truth. My desire is to empower others with their own knowledge, strength and connection to the Universe, allowing for self-healing, personal growth, gathering information and joy.

I have been a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner since June 2016. Since that time I developed my own tuning fork techniques, such as Infinite Love for Self and Lasering In Energy that I incorporate into sessions. I created Heart Access, a journey to go within and out of ones body for self healing, reconnection to the heart/soul and more. I am also a dowser, speaker and Channeler, and was the Co-President of the Santa Rosa Holistic Chamber of Commerce. As a Geologist, I physically assisted Earth by cleaning up soil/groundwater contamination. I now energetically assist Earth. Free distance meditations are on The Borges Experience Facebook page.

Diana Borges

Life Purpose Coach, HeartMath Institute Add Heart Facilitator, Reiki, Professional Geologist



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