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For over twenty years, I have been passionately guiding others along the path of awakening and transformation using the practices and principles of ancient yogic sciences, spiritual psychology, and energy protocols to faciliate the healing of ones mind, body, and/or soul. Adding Biofield Tuning to my practice has proven to be a tremendous tool for dissolving my clients' old "stuck" patterns, traumas, blockages, and misunderstanding's in life story. Things that were buried and unhealed become clarified, reframed, and re-intergrated as fuel, and the dis-owned parts of the self get made whole. In working in the field as an intuitive and spiritual counselor, this aspect is gracefully woven into the work offering a deeper lens for clearing, awareness and communion with one's Spirit. I offer in-person sessions in LA and distance sessions all over the world.

Diane Hudock

Masters Degree Spiritual Psychology, Masters Degree Spiritual Sciences, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Ordained Minister - the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, Certified Touch4health™️ Practitioner & Doctoral candidate (D.S.S.)

Sherman Oaks


United States

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