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It is my joy to help you tap into your boundless well-being beyond old restrictions, stress, and strife.
As a holistic Registered Nurse I've facilitated healing of body, mind, and spirit since 1978.
I began using energy work in 2004.

Grateful for all energy medicine, I also love the results of Biofield Tuning.
The biofield reveals difficult seasons in our past. We may remember them or not. The tuning fork harmonizes and transmutes dissonant vibrations and emotional charges into pure energy.
It restores you.
Burdens fall away.
You naturally feel refreshed, renewed, healthier, light and free.
More like your true Self.

I feel honored to support each client's unique process.
The health, insights, gifts unfolding for you delight me.
I do distance sessions or in-person (Fountain Hills / “And Breathe” center in Phoenix), which may include extra modalities and self-healing methods you can use.

We are energy beings on our way to great comfort, light and true happiness. Go for it!

Diane Stallings

Registered Nurse 1978, Usui Reiki Master 2007, Enneagram Coach 2007, EFT tapping 2008, Healing Touch 2009, LifeLight Healing 2010, Access Bars 2016, Ancestral Clearing 2017



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