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The tuning forks are an extraordinary restorative tool that I use to assist the body with restoring
a more natural expression of harmony to those areas within the body and biofield (aka aura,
energy field), that are “out of tune”. Simply put, your body is a unique symphony that is
consistently bombarded with input which may create dissonance, or dis-harmony, within your
symphony. Left unresolved, this dis-harmony may manifest as chronic stress, dis-ease, and even
illness. Using the tuning forks, we work together to release areas of dissonance, and as
importantly, to identify and deconstruct patterns of behavior that may be preventing you from
maximizing your full potential.
As a sound healer, I use a variety of tools to assist my clients who seek a deeper sense of health
and well-being. Of all my tools I find the laser focus of the tuning forks to be the most effective.
Most notable is the potential for actualizing long-term results.

Eileen O'Brien

Center of Light Institute Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Healing and Consciousness; Certified Reiki Practitioner; Intuitive Medium



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