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Little did she know when she wrote her tagline for her coaching business, “Facilitating Health, Peace & Success thru Natural Healing” that she would find Biofield Tuning – THE “Game Changer” to help her clients as it produces such profound results thru natural healing – Sound.

When she realized in 2016 the health benefits and impact of Biofield Tuning for healing dis-ease, Eileen wanted to know more. She didn’t hesitate in traveling to Vermont and California for Biofield Tuning training and becoming a Certified Practitioner in 2017.

Eileen is very excited, and proud, to be offering in person sessions locally to clients in the beautiful coastal and piedmont areas of the eastern and southeastern North Carolina, USA. This method has been proven beneficial in distance sessions and she has become proficient at offering sessions nationally and internationally – Globally! by Skype or Zoom as well.

She has been amazed at the benefits of, and many ways to offer, this method to help people live calmer, more relaxed, less painful and dis-ease free lives. The results that she has witnessed and clients have reported from Biofield Tuning have been profound!

SOUND for Sound Health .... Biofield Tuning - A Sound Approach to Health and Wellbeing

Contact her to learn how Biofield Tuning can become the Game Changer for Wellness!

Eileen Rainier

Animals Benefit from Biofield Tuning as Well!, Certified Master Level and Animal Reiki Practitioner, Certified Life & Business Coach - Transformation | Empowerment |Wellness, Associate of Applied Science - Nuclear Medicine Technology - Honors, Bachelor of Science – Business Education


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United States

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