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Well-versed in body and energy work, I’ve been involved with teaching various types and levels of yoga, as well as practicing master level reiki for over ten years. I added sound healing to the mix with Himalayan singing bowls since 2006 and tuning forks since 2017. I enjoy biofield tuning with clients locally and in distance sessions because it’s rewarding to work with them, as they rewrite their “energy stories.” I consistently find that the biofield tuning experience can help folks move through stuck energy, as I offer sound vibration in a targeted and elegant way. No charge for an initial, phone consultation.

Elizabeth Perna

Atma-Buti Sound and Vibrational School for Himalayan Singing Bowls, Yoga-Bikram, Calming Kids, Yoga ED K-8, Reiki Master Level, Retired English Language Arts Instructor K-12

Fort Collins


United States

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