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After finishing medical school in my country of origin, I continued my education obtaining a masters and a doctorate degree. For several years I was sick and tried the conventional medicine approach to healing, however, I ended up without real answers. Then I decided it was time for me to try alternative options. I believe each person is different and should be approached accordingly to restore their balance which led me to explore many different methods.

In my journey to help myself and others, I became a health coach with an emphasis in nutrition, a Reiki practitioner and trained on Bioenergy Balancing, sound healing, and Reflexology. After considering several options, Biofield Tuning provided me with a method that I can use in my practice to help support emotional, cognitive and physical balance. This is a modality that can also be perceived not only by me, the practitioner, but also by the person receiving it.

I offer sessions in-person and at a distance. I'm bilingual (English-Spanish).

Eva Tamez Trevino

Physician, Masters in Science in Immunology, Doctoral degree in Medical Microbiology, Reiki practitioner, Health Coach



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