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During my 23 years as a massage therapist I came to understand that the origin of physical pain was not to be found in the body. Through the study of many energy modalities, I came to believe that the answer is in the "information field", that field of energy that surrounds your body and extends out about 5 feet. All of the data of your life is stored in your field.
Since 2012, I have been working in the field using a German device called TimeWaver. On occasion I run across "energetic knots" in a client's field that they have built a "wall" around. TimeWaver has difficulty bringing these old protected frequencies into balance.
Biofield Tuning and the tuning forks apply a physical frequency in the client's field to bring about a resonance of these old energetic knots and a dissolution of the protective walls.
I look forward to working with you to clear and lighten your field as well as offer self-care and self growth tools. I am available for both in house and distance treatments

Fran Janes

Retired Registered Massage Therapist




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