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I was drawn to Energy Medicine through my own journey of pain. As a fitness instructor and Franchise owner for 9 years, I guided people daily, in their quest for health; until chronic back pain sidelined me. Years of cortisone shots, PT, and countless medications left me depressed and facing spine surgery at 45. I began practicing Reiki in 2008, which led me to a 3-year Energy Medicine program and later to become a Biofield Tuning therapist. I have experienced, firsthand, the power of this work. I got my life back -No surgery!
I am inspired and awed every day, witnessing the breakthroughs and freedom of releasing trauma, emotional anxiety, pain and illness. Understanding what holds you back, building new self-care habits and learning to live every moment wholeheartedly, creates a path for your body, mind and spirit to heal. I look forward to working with you to clear your energetic tangles and help you find your way to a more relaxed, meaningful, vitality filled life.

Gena Rider

Full Spectrum Master Healer, Reiki Master, Fitness Instructor



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