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I have received and appreciated Eileen Day McKusick's work since 2012. The ability that intention and sound frequencies, or vibrations from the tuning forks clear and comb the human biofield is phenomenal. So I returned to Eileen with the desire to learn more and in 2017, I became a certified practitioner of Biofield Tuning.The changes of the mental, physical, emotional, and/or energetic levels of the electromagnetic body are often described as relief of either stress or blockages. By allowing the intelligence of the body to find its natural pulse, more clarity, coherence, awareness of the moment, and gratefulness are experienced. I am learning to accept my emotions without judgment, find worth instead of worthlessness, and truth instead of dishonesty.I welcome children, teenagers, and clients of all ages for either long distance or private sessions in my home. Tuning has become a regular wellness tool that I love to share with you.

Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss

Master of Fine Arts and Women's Development, Certification in Art Education, Reiki Master



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