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I am a lifelong musician and singer with a passion for helping people connect with vibrational reality and the innate powers that can be accessed through sound and the singing voice—self-expression, self-awareness, release from limiting behaviors and beliefs, manifestation of intentions and access to higher realms of consciousness. My deep roots in the Quaker faith cultivated an early awareness of the sacred seed in all beings.

I hold a BA in physics from Oberlin College, am a longtime yoga practitioner, and studied Sound Healing with Zacciah Blackburn. In 2014, I became a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

I offer Biofield Tuning sesions in person or at a distance in Bristol, VT, Middlebury, VT and through the Sonic Clinic in Burlington, VT. I also offer Sacred Sound Practice and Kirtan Chant in Bristol, and travel to offer practices, classes and workshops that invite participants to experience the power of sound and vibrational consciousness.

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