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As I have been evolving over 48 years of my life, through education, life lessons and experiences from my physical and non-physical masters and teachers, my company has also evolved.
And today , I specialize in Healing the Healer Inside YOU!

I offer a variety of services that reprogram, align and integrate our four main energetic bodies -
Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.
It is important to understand that one energetic body can’t be fully healthy without the health of the other.

Everything is connected, and we have to treat the energetic bodies the same way.
All of them together -makes who YOU are, as a Whole.

It is also very important to understand that everything starts with the relationships we have with ourselves.
When this relationship doesn’t exist or isn’t healthy, this is when we experience pain, anxiety and disease in our life.

Heidi Morrison

Medical & Corrective exercise Specialist,Certified Massage Therapist,Reiki Master Teacher, Breathwork Facilitater, Akashic Records Practitioner,Postural Body Alignment Specialist.

Redondo Beach


United States

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