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I have been doing energy work for over 25 years, 15 years professionally in Clifton Park and Saratoga Springs. I've studied many types of energy work including Chinese Chi Healing, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Biofield Tuning, Matrix Energetics, the Emotion Code, and Shamanic techniques among other esoteric approaches. I've developed a very fine and unique intuitive sensitivity to energy, allowing me to determine the location and underlying energetic infrastructure of health issues as well as apply specific techniques targeted to address them. I have a deep foundation of energy work, now beautifully complemented by Biofield Tuning. My goal is to help people feel better physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually by restoring and balancing their vital life force. The extensive collection of testimonials on my website attest to the power, effectiveness, and value of the work, whether in person or even at a distance....

Jack Treiber

Certified Energy Practitioner, Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Science, Licensed Professional Engineer

Saratoga Springs

New York

United States

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Clifton Park

New York

United States



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