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I have practiced and taught various therapies and dowsing since the 80s. As the sole Biofield Tuning Practitioner in the West and South of Ireland, I employ both a right and left-brained perspective in my approach, placing intention to the forefront of the client’s process of growth. As a seasoned sound therapist I realise that these tuning forks facilitate remarkable personal transformations. The forks work to remove blockages and trauma in a client's personal energy field. Sessions help to clarify the links between mind and body. A series of sessions can bring about lasting improvements in health and self-awareness. People have reported feeling lighter, more grounded and fully present following even one session. Some clients come from the "new thinking" background in science and commerce when they visit for detox breaks in the west of Ireland with me, combining it with biofield tuning sessions. I also do group tunings occasionally and work with international clients on serious development issues. Thankfully I have successfully helped to remove specific pains inc back ache; improved organ imbalances, sciatica, work stress, hernias, insomnia, depression, and helped those suffering from effects of abortion and abuse.I can help with lack of career direction, severe anxiety, divorce stress etc, often with distant sessions. Yoga teachers and other therapists have benefitted too.

I am available for both distant and in-house sessions in South Galway Ireland.

Jackie Queally

Certified Bayly Reflexology, Diploma Raynor Massage, Diploma Prometheus School Spiritual Healing, Tama Do Sound Healing Modules, Drum and Gong Healing Modules, Dowsing (British Dowsing Association)

Gort and Galway

County Galway


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