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I was introduced to Biofield Tuning during an integrated therapy treatment, and felt it was a therapeutic tool I could not resist learning more about. It was not until I began the training that I realized its immense power and application toward deep healing of the body’s historical script.

In the ‘western medicine’ system will doctors rarely refer to how our past experiences build up and can interfere with achievement of our optimal health picture. However research has shown, both in the fascia that holds us together and in our mind and spirit which support our relationship with the world around us that history builds up and most people need some help in identifying the challenges and releasing them.

In my evolving practice I will work to help people identify and target their health challenges and apply therapeutic tools to jump start the process. No one is a more powerful healer than the person being healed, but sometimes we need a little help.

Jane Hayes

Acupuncture Diploma, MPS Therapy Certificate, MBA, MSS, Craniosacral Therapy Certificate, Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Certificate, Acupuncture Dermatology Certificate




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