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Music, sound, and vibration have been my primary means of expression and healing throughout my life. After decades in private practice and teaching traditional Music Therapy, I began to incorporate vibration and frequency into my work using Himalayan Singing Bowls, Vocal Toning and Biofield Tuning.

My practice in Sound Healing has shown me that all potential for healing is within us. I find Biofield Tuning to be a profound means to free ourselves from all that binds our potential and inner wisdom. This modality shows us the way to our healing, and most importantly gives hope and light on our path.

I use Biofield Tuning as a stand alone practice, or with other sound modalities to assist others.
I work in person or through distance sessions. I truly welcome the opportunity to provide support on your journey to health and wholeness, where you may experience liberation from anything that is holding you back from your birthright of freedom within and true happiness.

Jane Shallberg

Board-Certified Music Therapist, Master of Education in Counseling, Himalayan Singing Bowls Certified Teacher and Practitioner, Former University Educator



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