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I am a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner that has studied energy and sound vibration most of my life including tai chi, chi gung, reiki, quantum healing, yoga, crystal bowls with vocals, and every type of music. When I began to investigate Eileen McKusick’s amazing work, I knew this elegant modality held the key to unlocking problems that affected the psyche, the body and the spirit.

I am a professional jazz musician/teacher/composer/writer that does kundalini yoga and meditation. My goal is to help people live to their highest potential and feel ease within themselves. Working on the blueprint of the body in the Biofield is cutting edge technology. Improving the signal to noise ratio releases patterns that don’t serve. If you change your vibration, your life and health will change. The tuning forks work with the body to help the body release, balance and bring coherence to the field.

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Janet Stirling

Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music, Bachelor of Musical Arts, Reiki, Quantum Healing


British Columbia


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