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In my early years of practicing as a therapist, I tried to bridge the gap between the demands of managed health care and helping others to return to wellness using a more holistic approach. Over time, however, I became increasingly frustrated with what seems to be a narrow, one dimensional view of how to restore mental health. While my formal training as a psychologist and dedication to the values of transpersonal psychology continue to influence my work, I have expanded to incorporate intuitive consultations, meditation, energy medicine, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, and Biofield Tuning into the services I offer. These methods have allowed me to enter more fully and deeply into the healing journey with others as they bring heightened access to life-limiting unconscious patterns as well as past emotional wounds in need of healing. Once identified and integrated, the old patterns that once held us back become the gateway to a brighter and expanded vision of the life you want to create!

Jenny Marchesani

Licensed Psychologist, Reiki II Practitioner, Intuitive Consultant, Biofield Tuning Practitioner


North Carolina

United States

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