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Born and raised in Winnipeg, I completed medical school and specialized in Anesthesia. After years of experience working with individuals suffering from illness and chronic pain, I was inspired to explore alternative healing practices, which lead me to a degree in Acupuncture. Subsequently, I discovered Biofield Tuning.

I view sound therapy as a sacred instrument with immense potential for healing, spiritual development and restoring balance. What I love about Biofield Tuning in particular is the simplicity, the ability to focus in on a particular energetic blockage and how it’s capable to bring forth clarity, serenity and perceptiveness within both client and practitioner. It makes my heart sing to witness a client shifting toward an epiphany, a glowing expression, a sense of relief, a more wholesome outlook on life.

A typical session with me may incorporate acupuncture, crystal bowls, reflexology, crystal massage stones amongst other modalities, depending on the wants and needs of the client.

Joanie Boux

Joanie Boux Medical Doctor, Registered Acupuncturist




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