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Hi! I am Juliet.
My life has been about finding my way back home to myself. I believe we are born with our own unique soul song. Life experiences diminish our ability to hear our soul’s song. What I have experienced is that using tuning forks in the biofield helps to identify the limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, trauma and ancestral patterns that created disharmony in the biofield. Once identified and harmonized, the energy, like missing notes, is brought back into the body so the body can find its way back home to itself and reconnect to its own soul song, to its inherent wellbeing.

I would be honored to help find your way back home to you, to your unique soul song. Sessions can be done in person or remotely. Contact me at julietrains@returingwisdom.com or my website: https://returningwisdom.com

Juliet Rains

Channeling & Crystal Healing Delphi, Five Yr Trance Medium Program Church of Intuitive Insights, Mediumship Philippines, Hatha yoga, Reiki Usai



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