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Unplug from your Stress and Plug into your Creative Energy!

I help you release:

• tension 
• anxiety 
• mental spinning
• physical pain 
• emotional discomfort
• irritating feelings 
• frustrating patterns.

This “stress energy” is stuck in your field and is yelling at you to get your attention so it can be released. 

By design, you are intended to be:

• healthy
• prosperous
• peaceful
• joyful
• at ease
• strong
• fully functioning energetically.

I specialize my Biofield Tuning work to unplug you from your “stress energy” so you can plug into your huge storehouses of creative energy and create whatever you want!

Contact me for a free consultation at 949-525-0243 cell (Pacific Time).
I look forward to talking with you, Karen

Karen Awad

Sacred Sound Specialist, Certified Guided Imagery Therapist

Lake Forest


United States

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Orange County




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