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Through my journey of achieving higher levels of wellbeing & learning that I am a highly sensitive empath & intuitive, opened me up to learning everything I could independently & through completing different programs of coaching, holistic modalities, & intuitive holistic healing (working on all 5 levels) to use in my practice. I’ve been helping my clients with healing & renewing their relationship to love; with self-love, dating & romance, & having healthy relationships in their lives. I also assist my clients with cultivating their inner empowerment & mindset, having higher levels of wellbeing & wellness, and powerful breakthroughs with anything weighing them down or holding them back in their lives. I can combine different types of coaching, holistic healing modalities, intuitive guidance, & expertise into each session that will benefit you the most. I can also have stand-alone modalities (such as Biofield Tuning). As a BT Practitioner, my intention is to support deep releasing & healing, reclaiming your power, & liberating life transformations.

Kate Dreyfus

B.A. in Psychology, Holistic Dating & Relationship Coach, Wellness Inventory Coach, Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Holistic Healer, Healing Touch, & Usui Reiki Master



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