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I have been a composer all my life. In 2010 I invented and constructed a large Electro Acoustic Music and Sound Healing Generator. I built this and patented it. I gave my first concert with The Magnetica in 2015 in Miami. I moved home to LA in 2016.

Studying Biofield Tuning with Eileen, I reached Level 4. It is my understanding that music, sound and healing are all connected in the BioSphere, that non-local consciousness is the source of distance healing; and that the study of Topological Photonics may one day provide a scientific explanation of how the Biofield works. I hope to use my invention of The Magnetica to facilitate healing at scale, and meanwhile, as I experiment with this idea, I have become a surprisingly good Biofield Tuner. I have fixed everything from toothaches to severe chronic back pain to pre-gestational trauma. It is my great pleasure to help people.

Arthur C. Clarke: "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Katherine Quittner

BA Cum Laude in Music Composition University of California at Los Angeles, Graduate Student at the Hochschule der Kunste Berlin in the master class of composer Isang Yun

Mar Vista


United States

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