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I began my journey in wellness in 2007, as an Office Manager for two Chiropractic offices with the emphasis on holistic care. Ten years of working with Naturopathic Doctors has allowed me to learn this industry inside and out. I have a special fascination with what supports the body in healing. Using my intuition and collected knowledge in this endeavor is what makes my practice successful!

I strive to teach women between 25 and 60 who suffer from PTSD, stress, anxiety, inflammation, and fatigue that by making simple nutritional and lifestyle shifts, I can guide you through the motions, transforming your body to feel and look radiant, energetic, and healthy again!

Becoming a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner has added a new dimension to my healing practice! A treatment may also include Reiki, EFT, muscle testing, crystal singing bowls, and aromatherapy. I offer individual in-person sessions in my home office and distance sessions by phone.

Kathryn Wickliffe

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Holy Fire Reiki Master

Aliso Viejo


United States

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Dana Point


United States



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