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I am a former educator (23 years teaching K-6). In 1996 I came across Educational Kinesiology and became a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant and Touch for Health practitioner.

These neurologically and energetically based systems were my preparation for encountering Biofield Tuning, which took my awareness to a completely different level: that of frequency. I was astonished to realize—and experience—that the impulses that are invisibly driving some of our most confounding, self-limiting behaviors exist in our biofield as areas of incoherent (disorganized) frequency—the result of past trauma—and that they can be resolved simply by introducing coherent frequency, as produced by tuning forks. This has opened up a new world for me with my clients, for both in-person and distance sessions.

The Biofield Tunings I have received have brought me to a much clearer, more free level of functioning in life, and it’s my joy to offer this experience to others.

Kathy Brown

Master of Education degree, Educational Kinesiologist, Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant, Touch for Health practitioner, author



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