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I have been practicing Oriental Medicine, acupuncture and herbs for over 22 years. I knew I needed to work with the fields surrounding our bodies to enhance balancing and unblocking the flow within our meridian networ. When I discovered Biofield Tuning I knew I had found a powerful system to work with it. I am able to help people digest and resolve long standing issues and find clarity, strength and self empowerment. The combination alternating with Acupuncture sessions is transformative and grounding.
I also use a a Bemer PEMF mat which enhances microcirculation and affects the microvesicles which is the area of interface between the physical body and subtle bodies. Because of our disconnect from the planet and EMF pollution we are adversely affected by electromagnetic fields. Both biofield tuning and the BEMER mat work with the schumann resonance and bring us back to more natural flow. These tools I believe are a new paradigm of healing and profoundly change peoples lives.

Katya Tripp

Licensed Acupuncturist



United States

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