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I have explored the field of energy medicine for over 30 years along with many modalities in my search for transforming negative belief patterns resulting from beliefs, traumas and injuries. Advanced EFT, Biofield Tuning, BARS, Access Consciousness Body processes and Crystal Chakra Alignment are the main tools used in my practice to quickly & consistently clear negative patterns and to positively shift the stuck energetic patterns within the body and biofield. My passion is empowering people with tools for change... even if they have no idea how to change! In the essence of fun and adventure, I also lead tour groups to Ireland and Bali. The groups are immersed in the country’s culture and traditions handed down from generation to generation. Both are spiritual journeys designed to help recognize our role within the divine plan and to understand our place in the world.

Kim Savage

Bachelors - Information Technology, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Certified EFT Practitioner, Rife Frequency and Biofeedback Therapy, Crystal light Chakra Therapy, Access Consciousness Bars and fs, Biofield Viewer, Reiki Master



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