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I believe that everyone deserves a clear biofield. When I came across Biofield Tuning, I fell in love instantly with the simplicity and effectiveness of the method. Lie down let the disharmony dissolve, that's it! Like many, I have bobbed and weaved through life, sometimes flying and other times crashing. I am a recovering attorney that decided she wanted to heal the world, not argue about it. I set out to learn about this "consciousness thing" and the journey has led me to Biofield Tuning ~ an exemplary method that holds the promise of both science and the sacred. For 15 years I've used energy modalities to help clients straighten the bent parts, open the closed parts and survive the contractions of birthing a new life. I am pleased to say Biofield Tuning makes it so much easier. Currently, I am writing The Architecture of Consciousness which will help others understand how to bob and weave through the wild ride of life. Reach out! I'd love to chat!

Kristen Arneberg

Juris Doctorate, Certified Energy Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Master, Reiki Master

Sherman Oaks


United States

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