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I have been a holistic energy practitioner for the past 20 years. I incorporate healing that I have learned and experienced from around the world with my own intuitive healing gifts. My background is in healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I specialize in working with trauma and understand complex PTSD through my own healing journey and with the training I have received. Because of this, I am able to hold others in sacred space with compassion and an understanding of how to navigate and pace the healing process. I use an integrative approach and work on both the conscious and unconscious levels to support the release of trauma and comprehensive healing. My focus is to empower you to feel actively engaged in your own healing journey with the capacity to break old patterns that no longer serve you and come back to the truth of your authentic self, centered in love, joy, and the ever present moment of peace.

Kristina Lea Landry

Zero Balancing, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Shamanism, Reiki, Peter Levine Trauma work

South Hamilton


United States

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