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I serve my clients as a guide on their path to rediscover their inner light and strength.

My approach is science-based and incorporates studies in nutrition, quantum biology, physics, and ancient healing arts. When I discovered Biofield Tuning, I felt it was the “missing piece” in the puzzle of health and healing that I had been searching for. I offer a unique wellness framework that helps my clients make true progress towards their goals, whether they are challenged by depression, digestive issues, excess weight, low energy, pain, stress, Lyme Disease or other chronic conditions. Clients gain clarity, enabling them to trust their intuition and have an inner sense of peace when making choices that are important to them. My commitment to helping others stems from overcoming my own health challenges (including Lyme disease) and my mission lies in sharing the message that the power to heal and live vibrantly is within anyone’s reach.

Leslie Barnett

Integrative Health Coaching, Live Food Health Educator, Lyme Disease Counseling, Reiki, PEMF Therapy, M.A. Education, B.A. Psychology



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