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As a certified life and business coach for almost 20 years, I have included embodied arts and practices in my coaching business since 2008. When we have access to the full range of our innate body intelligence – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – and learn to manage their related energies, we can achieve our potential with much more ease and success.

Personally trained and certified by Eileen McKusick in 2017, I have found that Biofield Tuning plays a fundamental role in my offerings, helping clients clear previously challenging obstacles and return to balance, so they have the clarity and energy to achieve what they so desire. I believe it is imperative at this time on the planet, that we access our own power and purpose, and begin to live it. The world needs us to be well, balanced and empowered, in order to navigate change and make our own unique contributions. As my heart belongs to the animals, it is my great honor to work with them, as well.

Lisa Buell

ICF-certified Life/business Coach, JourneyDance™ Facilitator, Painting from the Source™ Facilitator



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