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I believe we are the disclosure as we awaken out of the dream of ego and separation into the true self. Making this leap is no small effort. Ascension is many things but I believe it is also being and staying within our own power lovingly as we make our financial way in this convoluted matrix. I am one of the “65 million Wanderers on Earth" talked about in The Law of One The RA Material series as are many of the others who have found their way to the creative Biofield Tuning work and other healing modalities.

I came upon the amazing Dr. Jerry Tennant’s information and use his voltage and scalar energy devices in my biofield tuning practice, if people would like these types of sessions. I have taken Dr. Tennant’s primary and master classes and incorporate his work of “reversing emotional magnetic fields” around the body. Occasionally I see other dimensional energies leave a biofield. I also utilize hypnosis, crystal bowls and other sound tools to assist people in their emotional work.

Lorraine Chilson

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, Master Reiki Practitioner, Pranic Healing, Touching the Light, Certified Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist (#73905), Registered Nurse, crystal bed therapy

Gold River


United States

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