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I have been in the healing arts for over 20 years helping people find their potential and optimal well-being through varied approaches such as dance, yoga, energy medicine and movement therapy. As a somatic movement therapist and analyst looking at habitual patterns that may have become inefficient to cope with life, I became inspired to further study the effect of energetic frequencies. How could this energy could be utilized to allow individuals to find relief from pain, anxiety, and stress? I found the answer through Biofield Tuning! This field of energy that surrounds us seemed to hold the key to freedom from holding onto past traumas, unfulfilled desires, and "stuckness" in life. Although each person brought a unique life story a common thread after receiving a tuning for most individuals was the sensation of clarity, lightness, and focus. I look forward to supporting you, either in person or through distance sessions, with tools to become your best self!

Lynne Bauer

Bachelor in Dance Therapy, Certified Laban/Bartnieff Movement Analyst, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Yoga teacher diverse population



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